To avoid silly mistakes in interior design, you should not blindly follow fashion trends or repeat everything like your neighbors & friends. It is better to spend time, estimate how and what will look like. Or call a professional in their field – an interior designer. I found one of the Ambiguous interior design in Dorset before presenting this to an expert. We need to think flaws first before getting started with this.

 Buying a bed in a standard room

In the absence of a separate bedroom, putting a bed in the corner of the room, which will be part of the living room, is very inappropriate. Guests will be extremely uncomfortable if you invite them to stay on the bed. Yes, and just fun to look at the master’s bed, covered with a veil in the corner of the room. It is better to get an excellent folding sofa that can be turned into a bed. In most cases, you can consider options with a folding bed that can be removed to the wall, and from the side, it will look like a wardrobe.

Too many design accents

There are plants, pictures here, a painted sofa in the center, a Persian carpet on the floor and the like. It is morally challenging to live in a museum, and it is this mood that is transmitted when you are in a full room.

 Slippery tiles

Externally beautiful, mirror shine, but completely impractical. It is worth paying attention to this when choosing tiles.

Improper flooring

Very often in the hallway, people put beautiful parquet. At first glance, everything is harmless: beautiful, the guests will see a gorgeous floor as soon as they enter the apartment. But in the end, a few months later, in the hallway, the parquet loses all the beauty because of the shoes, which the floor is mercilessly marking.

 Installing the bar in the usual kitchen

The rack was originally used as a counter. In our time, the bar counter may be appropriate in the design of an apartment-studio, but is not suitable for typical kitchens, and also distorts the space.

 No storage space is provided

If you do not want the sensation of confusion in the apartment, then think in advance where you will keep your belongings. This is not about clothes and shoes; everyone remembers the places for them. But where many books, photo albums, souvenirs, and other little things will be stored, many often forget. For this fit shelves and racks, as well as you can choose furniture with built-in storage boxes.