If you are tired of following the same traditional methods of designing bathrooms then this blog will be a treat for you all where small bathrooms are going to be designed without doing the same things that have been doing for a year. We don’t suggest you repeat the same things and think out of the box. Professional experts demand a higher price for renovating this but if you pay attention to certain things then you can do so many other things as well. Take a look

Minimalist bathroom storage

 Small bathroom can’t adjust the huge vanities and exactly we don’t need them. Trash out all the unnecessary items and small vanity is enough mounted over the wall. It adds more visual space in the bathroom and can accommodate space issues graciously. Keep it minimalist rather than installing huge bathroom vanities that consume too much space and its difficult to find out things in it.

Invest in walk-in showers

You all should replace the big bathtubs with walk-in showers. Big bathtubs don’t go well in small bathrooms but walk-in showers are the optimal choice. Seamless glass or shower curtain both can opt. The seamless glass shower enclosure is the best thing for small bathroom renovation.

Go for decent wall textures

 Dark colors are often not a good choice for the bathrooms so all we have to do is to opt decent wall textures because dark textures are not suitable for small spaced bathrooms. Wall paints can transform the appearance especially if you don’t want to go for expensive textures for the small space.

Wall Mount everything

Small bathrooms can keep everything on floors and to reduce the space issues it’s important to wall mount everything to avoid clutter. A few years ago, there was huge trend of using bifold doors for small wardrobes in the washroom but it took massive space which is not ideal for these bathrooms. The latest bathroom designs are more focused on wall mount idea. Bifold doors in Nottingham are still the best option for those who have spacious bathroom space and they want definitely bifold doors in it for wardrobes. Usually, in spacious bathrooms wall mount doesn’t fit best and people used to utilize each corner.


Get the help of experts if you are not getting what to do but for small bathrooms, it will be decent idea to scour the internet and list down your needs that can give small space a lavish look.