Costa Rica

Monterey Estates in Esterillos, located between Jaco Beach and Manuel Antonio National Park, is building sustainable, solar powered homes in the first major to become the premier Eco-friendly community in the Central Pacific

Eco Homes for sale!

  • Low Carbon Footprint

    As a direct result of our eco-friendly solar panel program, Monterey Estates eliminates the need for electrically heated water, significantly reducing the demand from electric providers. While Costa Rica is mostly powered by hydro-electric generators, the country does use fossil fuel generators to assist high electricity demands. Rest assured, your home hot water is naturally produced by solar panels and will not add to the high electric demands or initiate the burning of fossil fuels here in Costa Rica..

  • Green Building

    The construction materials used to build the Monterey Estates homes and community are green building products. This means that the construction materials will not pollute the construction zone or the living space of the Monterey Estates community. Items such as tiles are made by pressing wet clay into shape and then leaving them in the sun to dry. The dried clay tiles are glazed and baked, making them durable, mildew resistant, and absolutely sustainable.

  • Rainforest Friendly

    The wildlife preserve surrounding Monterey Estates is the hallmark of the community’s location. The area has set aside lots and only removes those tress that are absolutely required of your lot size. Monterey Estates itself, when fully complete, will only use 20% of its land for construction, and the remaining 80% of rainforest will stay untouched and pristine, allowing nature to co-exist in this eco-friendly gated community.

  • Sustainable Community

    As one of the premier sustainable communities in Costa Rica, recycling is highly encouraged, and the community has a depot where you can return glass, aluminum, paper, and plastic products. Groundskeepers use the clippings from the grass and plants to create a mulch that is used to landscape the community’s common areas as well as to provide “abono” as nutrients for certain tropical plants.


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